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Supplier Programs

We understand the value that education provides for healthcare professionals. Many GNYHA Services contracted suppliers offer continuing education programs in the form of seminars or webinars. GNYHA Services keeps an up-to-date catalog of these offerings and other supplier events.

Ongoing Events

  • GNYHA Services contracted supplier Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS) works with members to recover funds from class action settlements. Click here for a list of current class action settlements. Read the FRS contract announcement.

On-Demand Webinars

  • GNYHA Services contracted supplier DataMotion hosted a free on-demand webinar, "Take the Anxiety out of Demonstrating HIPAA Compliance." It is available here.

Upcoming Events

  • GNYHA Services contracted supplier JumpTech is hosting three product education webinars featuring actual use cases of the solutions from providers.
    • No featured events scheduled at this time.

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