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GPO 101

What is a GPO?  |  How does a GPO work?  |  How do GPOs contribute positively to the healthcare industry?

What is a GPO?
A GPO uses the total purchasing volume of all of its members to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. GPO members save money by using the contracts (or discounts) available through the contract catalog. The volume discounts allow healthcare facilities to purchase the same supplies they buy now—only at a lower cost.

How does a GPO work?
Like bulk discount stores, GPOs negotiate discounts based on volume.

In bulk stores, the more you buy, the more you save.

GPOs work in a similar way:

1. Members place orders for contracted products and services in the GNYHA Services portfolio.



2. GNYHA Services uses our members’ total purchase volume to secure discounted prices.



3. We pass along the savings to our members—with no minimum purchase required.


Visit our Regional Program page to learn more about how the GNYHA Services Regional Purchasing Program works.

How do GPOs contribute positively to the healthcare industry?

GPOs ensure that hospitals and healthcare entities have access to the best and most cost-effective products and services. GPOs also create equality in the supply chain by helping smaller healthcare institutions save on product costs at levels that they would not be able to achieve without the assistance of the volume aggregation realized through GPOs. By doing so, GPOs assist healthcare facilities in improving both quality of care for patients and efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Many GPOs advocate for transparency in the supply chain as well as ethical business practices in the industry. GNYHA Services is a founding member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII), which was created to monitor and improve ethical and business conduct practices in the industry through increased transparency.


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